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XL4463-SMT XL4463-SMT
Product name : XL4463-SMT
Item : XL4463-SMT
Details :
 XL4463-SMT wireless module is adopted by our company Labs Si4463 B1 Silicon version of the chip carefully designed, is a complete, small size, low power wireless transceiver module. Si4463 is a high performance low current 433MHz transceiver, and is a member of the EZRadioPRO family, including the complete transmitter and receiver. Highest sensitivity is -126dBm, maximum output power +20dBm, support (G) FSK, 4 (G) FSK, (G) MSK, OOK, and ASK modulation, data rate range is 100bps~1Mbps, operating voltage 1.8V~3.6V, shutdown current 30nA, standby current 50nA. Si4463 has a better phase noise with narrow band and licensed bands, with blocking and selection performance, for example, Part90 FCC and 169MHz wireless MBus. The adjacent channel selectivity of the 12.5kHz with the 60dB channel spacing ensures reliable operation under harsh RF conditions, which is especially important for narrow band operation. Si4463 provides superior output power (up to +20dBm) and excellent TX efficiency. Its high output power and sensitivity, and in the industry's leading 146 DB link, extend the range and reliability of the communication link. This to a certain extent, to meet the development of radio frequency signal amplification difficult problem. In the maximum power setting conditions, open communication distance up to 2000 km. Far beyond SI4432, known as the "wall Wang" said. Module integrates all RF related functions and devices, users do not need to understand the relevant knowledge of radio, you can use this module is easy to develop a stable and reliable performance of wireless related products.
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