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NRF51822 wireless

NRF51822 wireless NRF51822 wireless
Product name : NRF51822 wireless
Item : XL51822-D01
Details :
 NRF51822 uses 32 bit Cortex M0 ARM core, on chip flash 256kB (the development of Bluetooth 4 program, where 176kb can be used for application development). Compared to the 8/16 bit platform has a better code density and faster execution speed. Programmable peripheral Peripheral Interconnect Programmable (PPI) system provides a 16 channel bus, so that the device can not be directly involved in the case of MCU to carry out a direct and independent communication. This will reduce the latency caused by the CPU communication, and can keep the CPU sleep in the communication process to reduce energy consumption. The chip has two power supply modes - ON/OFF, and all of the system modules and peripherals have independent power management, for the control of the corresponding module according to the requirements of the task in the RUN/IDLE state to switch between. .
The new Radio module is the basis for nRF51822's excellent performance. The module supports low power low energy (Bluetooth Nordic) and is compatible with the nRF24L series of products. Output power range between +4dBm to -20dBm, step by step for the 4dB. Ultra high sensitivity can be received by changing the range of information between -96 and -85dBm (depending on the data rate). The sensitivity of Bluetooth low power mode is -92.5dBm.
Key characteristics:
Support a variety of radio 2.4GHz
32 bit Cortex M0 processor ARM
Flash/16kB RAM 256kB
Stacks available as downloads Software
Application and protocol stack completely separate development mode
Flash 256kB
I/O Digital
Fully compatible with nRF24L-series
Programmable output power +4dBm to -20dBm from
RAM 16kB
Flexible configurable 31 GPIO pin
ON/OFF Simple global power management
Full function digital interface: SPI/2-wire/UART
ADC 10-bit
AES ECB/CCM/AAR co-processor 128-bit
Low-power 32kHz Ultra crystal and RC oscillators
- wide supply voltage (1.8 V to 3.6 V)
DC/DC buck converter On-chip
Smart applications Bluetooth
Phone accessories Mobile
Peripherals Computer
Remote CE for controls TV STB, and media systems
And security alert tags Proximity
And fitness sensors Sports-
And lifestyle sensors Healthcare
Controllers for computers Game
And Electronic games Toys
Control and data-acquisition Domestic/Industrial
RF tags Smart for tracking and social interaction
Response system Audience
Domestic appliances Intelligent
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