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Product name : DMX512-BX
Item : DMX512-BX
Details :
 Product Name: 2.4G wireless DMX512 transceiver templates
2 compact size, easy to use inside the lamp
3 touch operation, three color LED display
4 transmission standard DMX512 control table data, but also can be transmitted between the lamps and lanterns on line data
5.126 frequency band automatic frequency hopping, automatic selection of non interference band, to ensure the reliability of communication.
6.7 sets of ID coding can be set, the user can use the independent 7 groups of wireless networks and not interfere with each other in one place.
7 input voltage: 5VDC
8 working frequency: ISM 2.4G, 126 frequency bands.
9 maximum transmit power: 20dBm
10 receiving sensitivity: -94dBm
11 signal interface: RS485 or CPU serial port UART
Operation instructions:
1 ID code and LED color correspondence:
1:RED--------------------------- l red
2:GREEN----------------------- l green
3:RED+GREED--------------- l yellow
4:BLUE-------------------------- l LAN
5:RED+BLUE------------------ l violet
6:GREEN+BLUE-------------- l green
7:RED+GREED+BLUE------ l white
2 press the button to display the current ID settings, and then press the ID settings, each click ID value plus 1
3 working status:
LED l often light: no DMX or wireless signal
L red LED flashing: send
L green LED flashing: receive
4 C 2 400-2. RF frequency of 525 G, a total of 126 bands, without setting the automatic selection
5 ID code -- "1-7" group ID coding, according to "KEY" regulation, only ID code the same transceiver board to communicate with each other.
The establishment of communication:
1 transceiver board
2 press "KEY" to communicate the transceiver board ID is set to the same. If you want to use more than one set of wireless networks in the same place the ID of each network will not be the same.
3. The transmitter receives the DMX data select no flashing red LED of sending data band interference receiver to change communication bands, until it receives a same ID code right now green LED flashing, DMX data more quickly LED flashing faster
4 at this time the establishment of Communications
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