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2.4G wireless UART

2.4G  wireless UART 2.4G  wireless UART
Product name : 2.4G wireless UART
Item : XL297-232AP1
Details :
 Introduction of a.XL297-232AP module
UART is a half duplex wireless transmission module XL297-232AP interface, it can work in the 2400MHz-2483MHz common band. Can meet the European ETSI (EN300-220-1 and EN301-439-3), to meet the requirements of wireless control, without the application frequency of the license.
This module is designed for used for wireless communication between a variety of serial devices, such as computer, microcontroller, various machinery and equipment serial port can be directly in the original wired connection upgrade for wireless links, without additional programming, fully compatible with wired serial communication protocol, using simple is convenient and flexible.
XL297-232AP parameters such as: output power, serial rate, operating frequency, product ID and other related parameters can be set through the software, customers, such as no special note module default parameters of 9600 8N1.
The transmission distance of 50 meters far.
I work at a frequency of 24002483MHz, (default 2440MHZ)
You can set the module.
This serial rate 1.2K---115.2KBPS. (default 9.6KBPS)
* 8N1 data format, 8E1,8O1
You can set the output power module -10dBm /0dBm /8dBm
You can set the 1MBPS/ 2MBPS air rate
Two application of.XL297-232AP module
L smart home, home application and wireless sensor, security system;
L control processing, wireless data connection, telemetry, small wireless network;
L vehicle monitoring, anti theft; robot control, flying think Carle intelligent vehicle control
L wireless meter reading, guard monitor system, thermal printer;
L industrial data acquisition system, biological signal collection, hydrological and meteorological monitoring;
L vehicle four wheel alignment, etc.
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